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Current Projects

Past Projects

Scott County Public Library

Bid Date: 3/8/2021 @ 2PM Local

Project Description: Project consists of demolition and addition of a new addition with brick and limestone veneer, metal stud and structural steel framing, shingle and membrane roofing, including interior finishes, and site improvements.

ADDENDUM 1 Issued 2/15/2021

ADDENDUM 2 Issued 2/25/2021

ADDENDUM 3 Issued 3/3/2021

*Project was awarded to Momentum construction*

*Downloads may not yet be available*

Monroe Bicentennial Commons Phase 1B

Bid Date: 3/12/2021 @ 10AM Local

Project Description: Project consists of a playground, decorative and regular concrete, new  restroom building, renovation of a former carousel structure, site lighting, landscape planting,  water, sanitary and storm sewer, and underground electric lines, site furniture and other  improvements on the site of the former Americana Amusement Park and Lesourdesville Lake property.

ADDENDUM 1 Issued 3/5/2021

ADDENDUM 2 Issued 3/8/2021

ADDENDUM 3 Issued 3/9/2021

ADDENDUM 4 Issued 3/10/2021

*Downloads may not yet be available*

Delhi Park Playground

Bid Date: 3/25/2021 @ 10AM Local

Project Description: Project consists of a new playground in Delhi Park including playground equipment and walkways. 

ADDENDUM 1 Issued 3/19/2021

No Current Projects